Affiliate Spotlight :: Waste Tech Services, Inc.

Since its inception in 1993, the folks at Waste Tech Services, Inc. have made it their mission to provide businesses with transparent service. Located in Franklin, Waste Tech is a trash brokering company that has formed partnerships with waste service providers, and has proven to be an invaluable asset to its customers.
Waste Tech has built a nationwide co-op of thousands of clients that allows them to leverage buying power to save their clients money.

Over the years, Waste Tech has developed specialized knowledge of how trash service works, which translates to savings and better understanding of the industry for its customers. Efficient waste management is crucial in any industry, but it is particularly important when managing the operations of a restaurant. It’s also one of the most expensive contract services that restaurateurs purchase each month.

“We renegotiate on the customer’s behalf, and we earn a portion of what we save them — so our services essentially don’t cost them anything. We aren’t brokers who essentially resell the service. Instead, we act as agents of our customers,”said Lewis Dunn, senior vice president of sales for Waste Tech. Even if a customer is currently under contract we can still help by educating the client with cost reduction solutions.”

After being provided with copies of a client’s waste management invoices and operating agreement from the garbage vendor, Waste Tech will scour the documents for opportunities to eliminate automatic renewals, overcharges and unneeded services in order to reduce costs — sometimes by as much as fifty percent.

Several Nashville Originals are already clients and have nothing but great things to say. Steven Smithing, owner at Green Hills Grille and Mere Bulles, was quick to offer an endorsement.

“WasteTech has been great to work with,” Smithing said. “I have to say, Waste Tech is one of the few specialty service vendors who actually do exactly what they promise to do, which is simply to save me dollars. Another great benefit has been their ability to communicate with the garbage vendor and troubleshoot real-time issues we have with our dumpsters and waste pick-up. We call Waste Tech and the problem gets resolved.”

Katie Dean of McCabe Pub added: “Waste Tech has done a great job of maintaining our price, and they have directly handled any waste management issues for us. They are a pleasure to do business with!”

Why not let Waste Tech do the negotiating for you?