OrderUp: Affiliate Spotlight



Picture this: it’s 6 p.m. and no one in your family can agree on what they want to eat for dinner. It’s raining and cold, and the last thing you want to do is leave the house. The grocery store is out of the question and deciding on a place to eat seems like quite a feat.

What if there was an option besides take-out pizza? Mexican, sushi, or hot chicken —all delivered in the drop of a hat.

This option exists, and it’s the answer to all your delivery prayers. There are lots of different delivery companies and if you want a discount, check out these Swiggy referral codes for a quick discount.

OrderUp is a food ordering and delivery platform for hungry patrons. It allows users to go on its website or app, find a restaurant, select a food that appeals to them and have it delivered in real time, usually for only $3.99.

OrderUp merges technology and logistics to offer variety in food delivery to customers and more revenue to restaurants. The app—which launched in Nashville in March—already boasts tens of thousands of Nashvillian users and more than 120 Nashville restaurants, including many Nashville Originals members.

Users can track the progress of the order in real-time and pay online or through the app.

While food delivery has long been associated with pizza, OrderUp helps diversify the types of food that people can order. The company’s initial focus includes the West End, Midtown, 8th South,12South, Belmont, downtown, Germantown, the Gulch, Sylvan Park, The Nations, and East Nashville.

Craving restaurant fare from one of our member restaurants? Nonna Pizzeria, Elliston Place Soda Shop, Fenwick’s 300, Listening Room Cafe, Peg Leg Porker, Pizza Perfect, Salsa, Americano, Cabana, and South Street are just a few that use the delivery service.

“Because of our delivery tracker, the customer is able to see everything in process,” said John Shoaf, general manager of OrderUp Nashville. “They can see when the food is ready and when the driver is headed in their direction. The customer is always in the know.”

What sets OrderUp apart from other food delivery services? They don’t compromise on quality.

“We are very careful about what food we deliver and where. We focus on delivery times and distances to maintain food quality. We’ve build out delivery ‘zones’ for each restaurant to ensure food arrives fresh and fast. We do this in order to keep our promise to customers and restaurant partners.”

Shoaf says OrderUp chose Nashville as a market to launch because of the great restaurants and the strong local economy.

“We want to help grow the best restaurants in town. That’s a big part of what the Nashville Originals are about, which is why we’re excited to be an affiliate member!”

Learn more about Orderup by visiting their website here, or go to the iTunes store and download the app today!