Membership Information

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Thank you for your interest in Nashville Originals, our city’s Independent Restaurant Association!

Ours is a diverse, growing membership – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization of established local restaurateurs who are committed to sustaining Nashville’s authentic dining culture and community. We came together to raise our visibility and viability, to support one another, and to help our members exercise the individual creativity that is the hallmark of the independent restaurant.

Founded in 2006, Nashville Originals has established itself as an important voice in this community, not just celebrating the art of wonderful local dining, but also giving back to the city that supports us.

Our Members

To qualify for membership, your restaurant must meet the following guidelines:

* Based in Davidson or Williamson County, Tennessee
* Operated by a Tennessee resident
* In business for more than one year
* Enter into the organization with no more than four locations of the same concept
* Demonstrated commitment to Nashville’s culinary culture
* Must be approved by a majority vote by the Board

All we require is an initial one-time dues contribution of $250. Once a member, we ask that you honor the following requirements:

** Honor $1,950 of discount restaurant gift certificates ($975 2x/year), which we sell online at a discount to the buyer. This is both a marketing effort and our primary public fundraiser. Basically, your annual cost of membership is just the food cost involved in fulfilling the gift certificates. OR you may choose to buy out of participation in the discount gift certificate sales for a lump sum of $1500.  
* Honor our regular Nashville Originals group gift certificates
* Attend our annual meetings
* Serve on a committee and/or on the Board or participate in at least two Originals event annually, such as Nashville Restaurant Week, Generous Helpings, the Music City Food & Wine Festival or our partnerships with organizations like TPAC and the Nashville Predators (in addition to the quarterly gift certificate sale and the annual meeting).

To download a membership packet with more information detailing the organization’s aims, benefits and requirements–click HERE.

More About Who We Are

The Nashville Independent Restaurant Association is dedicated to the preservation and enhancement of the culinary scene in our city. What we eat, and where we eat, comprise an integral part of our culture. Our home-grown restaurants reflect who we are.

Nashville Originals support one another, and together we aid local initiatives and work to protect the interests of our members and the dining public.