Affiliate Spotlight :: Robins Insurance Agency

Robins Insurance Agency

As every restaurateur knows, quality insurance is just as vital to the stability of a business as top-notch cuisine and fantastic customer service.

Robins Insurance fully understands this, and has extensive expertise tailored to bars and restaurants. The property and casualty agency, which already supports several member restaurants, is a locally owned and operated, “Nashville homegrown” business, according to Account Executive Jake Linkous.

“We have specific experience in the hospitality industry and know the issues that can arise when running a restaurant,” Linkous said. “We take a very hands-on approach with our clients–in a sense, we act as their professional risk manager.”

As far as insurance policies, Robins is able to provide clients with a Business Owner Policy (BOP), which encompasses general liability, liquor liability and property insurance. In addition, Robins offers services for worker’s compensation, employment practices liability, as well as auto insurance for any business-related vehicles. When it comes to owning a vehicle, having insurance is something that every driver should have. To keep yourself safe on the road, it would be in your best interest to do some research into finding the best insurance policy or even if it means just checking out this finance calculator tool to see how much it would be if you were to buy a new van. All this can make such a difference.

There are lots of insurance companies that can offer huge savings on van insurance and also cars.

“We’ll go in and do a full assessment, inspect the kitchen, identify the exposure and provide advice on how to reduce risk to patrons and staff alike,” Linkous said. “Based on what we uncover, we develop an insurance plan tailored to that restaurant’s needs, and then we take that information to market.”

At that point, Robins gathers proposals from various insurance companies, which it takes back to the client. The client will receive a thorough rundown of all offers on the table, and the staff at Robins will help them make an informed decision about what will be best for their business and unique situation.

As an Affiliate Partner of the Nashville Originals, Robins Insurance wants to form meaningful, beneficial relationships with member restaurants. Give them a call, and let us know if you’d like any referral references… it’s worth a look, and we don’t think you’ll be disappointed!