Affiliate Spotlight :: Pye Barker Fire & Safety, Inc.

One of the most unexpected and devastating losses that a restaurant can endure comes at the hands of fire. Pye Barker Fire & Safety, Inc. wants to make sure that restaurant owners are fully prepared in order to prevent a fire from igniting in the first place.

new-pye-barker-logoWith 15 offices in the region, Pye Barker is the largest privately owned and fully integrated fire protection company in the Southeast since 1946.

“We primarily conduct inspections for commercial businesses, and restaurants play a large role in this,” said Brian Lumsden, branch manager of the company’s Nashville office. “We already serve several Nashville Originals member restaurants, and we make sure that they are inspected semi-annually in accordance with fire codes.”

In addition to inspections, Pye Barker’s repertoire of services & products includes kitchen fire suppression systems, kitchen exhaust hood cleaning, sprinkler systems, fire alarms and fire extinguishers. From fire prevention to extinction, the company ensures that every possible precautionary measure is taken. You will also need to invest separately in fire extinguisher servicing, to make sure that they are always ready to use when you need them.

The company has around 3o employees in the Nashville area, and 20 of those alone are state certified service techs with a focus on the restaurant industry.

“Pye Barker truly cares about the safety of our clients, their businesses and their customers,” Lumsden said. “We are an extremely service-oriented company. We offer 24 hour emergency service, and we want to be available for our clients any time they may need us.”

We trust that your restaurant will be in highly capable, protective hands with Pye Barker — give them a call and see for yourself!