A Shared Mission: Nashville Originals Affiliate Program

United We Dine

What makes up Nashville’s unique restaurant scene? We believe it’s local restaurateurs who are committed to sustaining Nashville’s authentic dining culture and community. It’s Nashvillians supporting one another, with the common goal of helping local businesses exercise the individual creativity that we consider the hallmark of the independent restaurant.

Since 2006, we’ve been comprised of locally owned and loved dining destinations that range from burger joints and ethnic options to fine dining establishments. The nearly 60 members work together to sustain the independent restaurant as an essential component of Nashville’s cultural identity.

Now, for the first time ever, we’re offering affiliate memberships to qualified local suppliers—the companies that help our members thrive.

We recognize that it REALLY does take a village to carry out our mission. Great restaurants are only as good as their supporters. As a Nashville Original affiliate member, you are a partner that offers important access to our restaurant members and supporters. You are an important fixture in our community and share our mission and vision.

To qualify for affiliate membership, a company must be: Locally owned and operated (franchises and local offices of national/international corporations can qualify on a case-by-case basis); in business for a minimum of one year; licensed, bonded and insured; endorsed by at least one Nashville Original member. Learn more about membership requirements and levels of membership here.

If you or your business is interested in becoming an affiliate member, please contact us at info@nashvilleoriginals.com or reach out to one of our member restaurants—we’re excited to partner with you!