Affiliate Spotlight :: Chappell, Smith & Associates Insurance


Located in Franklin since 1891, Chappell, Smith & Associates Insurance knows a thing or two about what it means to be a local company.

“We are a national agency, with clients from Virginia to California and even internationally, but our emphasis is on remaining local. Most of our fifty employees grew up in the Middle Tennessee area,” said Todd Lee, President of the Property & Casualty Division.

CS&A has multiple divisions, one of them being hospitality. Through the Hospitality Guard program, it offers various educational programs tailored to the hospitality industry, including a loss mitigation program, on-site training for managers/assistant managers, restaurant premises surveying and more.

“When we meet with a restaurant owner, we review and implement our Hospitality Guard program as a whole for his or her restaurant,” Lee said. “We provide training so that if something happens, employees and management are aware of protocol, what to do and what not to do. If and when something happens, we want our clients to be fully prepared.”

Chappell, Smith & Associates works with ASDT Restoration in visiting clients’ restaurants and fully surveying the premises. In the event something happens at that location requiring mitigation (power loss, etc.), they have access to electricians, know the ins and outs of the property and are able to have crucial equipment like generators ready in order to keep business up and running. When there is a time-sensitive situation, having prior knowledge of the restaurant and being prepared is crucial.

“We have a deep niche in the hospitality industry, and we want to make sure claims information is flowing between all parties involved, from the carrier to the adjustor to the restaurateur,” Lee stated. “Too many claims are settled or payments are made in error because one party failed to notify the other what was needed. Keeping the communication lines open between all parties assists in minimizing mistakes and the impact on operations and the restaurateur.”

Join us in welcoming Chappell, Smith & Associates, Inc. as an Affiliate Member of Nashville Originals–We know several of our member restaurants are already happy with their services, and we don’t doubt that the rest of you will be as well.